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The Vermouth History

Author: Stay U-nique

Vermouth is a drink that was first produced in ancient Greece. It is said that also the Egyptians and Romans consumed Vermouth.The drink is a mix of (the) wine with herbes, and aromatic plants, they used to drink it as a medical drink.

How Vermouth was born?

Vermouth appears to have The Vermouth was also referred with german and Hungarian origin, because they had drink similar in the balkans, specific in Bulgaria which is call Polí.

But at the end of the S. XXIII century those aromatic wines were known as (the name of) ‘Vermouth’. The name derives from the German “wermut”, which means absinthe. Absinthe is the main ingredient used in the production of beverages such as vermouth and absinthe.

Traditionally, la Hora de Vermouth was just before lunch.

The idea was to drink a vermouth with a good tapa before eating lunch to “wake up” your appetite. It was a kind of aperitive that the people ate while they were waiting for the lunch. Vermouth is known as being an elegant and highbrow(not sure if this word fits with aperitivo)  aperitivo.

But nowadays you can drink vermouth whenever you feel like it – not only just before lunch.

Back in the day, vermouth was also the typical/classic drink to have after leaving Sunday mass.

Nowadays, we are not sure if Spanish people still go to church. However, (but) the tradition of drinking Vermouth on a Sunday is very popular. Despite being a strong drink it is considered as a morning-afternoon  alcoholic drink.

So if are walking around Barcelona on a Sunday, you will see that a lot of bars offering this popular drink and people enjoying it outside in the sun.

As it is very popular to consume on Sundays in the afternoon, this amazing beverage goes hand in hand with tapas such as olives, mussels in escabeche, cured tuna, etc.

 Without any doubt, the vermouth tradition will make you have more fun on a Sunday in Spain!