5 reasons why Stay U-nique is the employer you have been looking for

Author: Stay U-nique

The times when the most important thing about a job was the salary are long gone. Nowadays there is so much more to take into consideration. Stay U-nique knows that and offers various advantages for their employers. In this article we will give you X reasons why Stay U-nique is the employer you have been looking for! 

Good work environment

Are you waking up every morning looking forward to coming to work? No? Then it is definitely time to change your job. Here at Stay U-nique we want people to feel happy about being here. First thing you will see in the morning is smiling faces, a “good morning” and “how are you today”? We believe in this being the perfect start into a good day. It is something so simple and easy yet very essential. It is the little things in life! 

Flat hierarchies 

You will be sitting together with everyone – even the boss! This creates a really chatty and relaxed atmosphere. You got an idea or a problem? No need to write a formal E-Mail, just talk to your colleague sitting right next to you. This also helps solving issues a lot quicker! Besides that it is obviously nice to not sit in a lonely office all by yourself, but to be able to share you thoughts when the printer is not properly working again…   

Breakfast and beer

Working on the weekend sucks? Not at Stay U-nique! Whenever you are working on a Saturday or a Sunday you will find a tasty breakfast in the kitchen! Enjoy a chocolate croissant and a hot coffee while sorting through your E-Mails… Furthermore, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings there is a speciality as well: 30 mins before finishing off your work day you can grab yourself a beer, have a nice chat with your colleagues and start your weekend right!

Spanish classes 

Hablas español? No problem if you do not! Stay U-nique offers free spanish classes every week. Depending on your level you can join the spanish course once or even twice per week. They are for free and during your work time, which is quite amazing because you do not have to go to another place and thus save lots of time. You will be in groups of maximum 5 people and have a great teacher – promise, your spanish will be better in no time! 

Uniquely points 

Whenever you are going the extra mile, hearing a thank you is a really nice thing. But there is something even better! Uniquely points! Each month every employee has 200 points to give away to his colleagues. So whenever you are helping someone out, bring them a coffee or whatever, there is a good chance for your to receive those points! They will add up and in the end you can choose from a variety of things you can use them for, depending on the amount of points you have accumulated: Buy a burger, take a daytrip to Sitges or even throw a whole office party! How amazing is that? Helping other people has never been more fun!