things you learn at stay u-nique

Thing you will learn from an internship at Stay U-nique

Author: Philippine Koburg

The most important things you learn after you’ve worked at Stay U-nique

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Meet people from all over the world

When working at Stay U-nique you not only get to know the Spanish way of living but you will also deal with many other nationalities. Stay U-nique is a tiny world on its own. It is a great way to get to known many people as Stay U-nique hires many people from everywhere. Not only having friends from all over the world is very amazing, but also this way you get to know more about different cultures and its standards. Working with international colleagues will increase your international knowledge as you will work with all sorts of different people with different standards and values you will have to deal with.

Working in a special environment

Being an intern at Stay U-nique will definitely not be like your typical internship. Don’t worry about having to get the managers coffee every morning and only be printing sheets. Doing an internship at Stay U-nique means being as valuable to the company as any other person working there and being treated the same as everybody else. We have mutual respect for each other and that what makes working at Stay U-nique a very safe environment to grow and expand your practical knowledge. So you will learn how it is to work in a company with a great environment and fun collegeaus who all encourage personal growth!

Becoming responsible

When working in a company you will learn a lot of new things but one of the most important is learning responsibility. At Stay U-nique interns get a lot of different tasks and all these tasks bring a lot of responsibility with them. Responsibility can come from all sorts of things: From coming to work every day on time to being professional towards guests. Working in a company also means being able to act in a way that suits the company and that also brings responsibility. After working with Stay U-nique you will probably know how to handle a lot of different responsibilities, which can definitely help you in your future career!

Dealing with different types of people and their expectations and needs

What you will also learn when you will do an internship at Stay U-nique: different types of guests. Of course, we have lots of different people coming to rent our apartments: from families with little children to couples and from people coming into town for business purposes to seniors coming to check out all the cultural aspects of Barcelona. Many different guests bring many different expectations. When working at Stay U-nique you will find out how to meet people’s expectations and how to make it as nice as possible for the guests. You have to take many things into account and to remember a lot of things: great brain trainer! For example, if you have a family with a toddler coming it could be that you have to provide them with a baby bed. Do not worry: you don’t have to do it all by yourself, we are one big family and help each other out as much as we can!

Learning almost EVERYTHING

At Stay U-nique we have several different departments in which you can work during your internship. However, all departments work really closely together and always help each other out. So expect to learn a lot of all kinds of different things. Write the best blog article ever, welcome the guests in the best possible way, make the apartment listing as attractive as possible or make sure all the finance goes in the right order! Working at Stay U-nique is very diverse and therefore you obtain knowledge in many different ways and aspects.

In sum, you will learn how to deal with a lot of responsibility, a great variety of different tasks, dealing with all of the different needs and expectations of the guests and other people we work with but most of all work in a company where personal growth is encouraged and be a part of one big international family!