7 reasons why an internship abroad will be the best choice of your life!

Author: Stay U-nique

Travelling around the world seems like something everyone does these days. You get to know beautiful destinations, cultures and people – it is fun! But you are always a tourist and more or less an observer. However, this is not the case when you actually live somewhere for a longer period of time. A great way to combine your “Wanderlust” and also do something meaningful for your CV is an internship abroad. It is the best way to not only experience a country as a local but also learn new skills and make unforgettable memories. Not yet convinced? Have a look at our ultimate list of 7 reasons why an internship abroad will change your life.

Where will you go?

Work Experience

Kind of obvious you may think – but nonetheless one of the most important reasons! By doing an internship you will learn lots of new skills and improve your resume. Especially the longer internships will help you even more with this as a longer time period automatically means that you will dive in the companies knowledge even deeper! 

Confidence and Independence

Going to another country where you do not know anyone or anything is a scary thing. But facing these fears and overcoming them will make you gain confidence in your own abilities and prepare you for future life situations! 


An internship abroad obviously means that you are gonna work quite a bit of your time – but nonetheless you will also have the ability to travel! Not only you are going to live in a foreign country but since you will be spending a longer period there you can make lots of big and small trips to explore the rest of the country!

Cultural Awareness

Working in an international team and experiencing different cultures gives you a more open-minded and tolerant attitude. Those are important soft skills you can not only mention in your CV but you will find helpful for the rest of your life. 


Being surrounded by a new language 24/7 is the best and easiest way to learn it! Even if you already speak the language, you can always improve your skills. Especially if it is a non-english speaking country this will be a challenge – but definitely worth it!


An internship abroad will challenging and hard – but also so much fun! You will see so many amazing places: Sights, restaurants, bars, shops and the list goes on and on! You will be overwhelmed by all the possibilities! Go out there and explore and enjoy the fact that you have tons of time to discover all kinds of great places in your new home. 


Not only at work but in general: Being alone in a foreign country makes you leave your comfort zone because you need to meet new people! After all, human beings are social beings. After a few awkward moments and shy small talk you will have the chance to meet amazing people from all over the world and build friendships that will last a lifetime! 

To put it in a nutshell: There is tons of reasons why an internship abroad is an amazing opportunity. It will be scary and challenging, but the advantages, the fun and the experience are totally worth it! Go find it out for yourself – Stay U-nique offers various internships and surely has one that fits you too!