Top Gluten Free Restaurants in Barcelona

Top 5 gluten free restaurants in Barcelona

Author: Pamela Maldonado

If you have Celiac (coeliac) disease or need gluten free food for any reason in Barcelona. We know the trials and tribulations of maintaining a gluten free diet are doubled when you have to give over control of food preparation to someone else when travelling, so we provide this list of our five top gluten free options for you during your stay.

1.M2 Gluten free

This restaurant is located in L’antigua esquerra de l’example, which offers various products from salads and poke bowls to hamburgers and pizza. Is a great option for a great variety of food menu if you are still not sure what you are craving for.

Pizza gluten free barcelona


gluten free options barcelona

2. Jasana

This is a high quality bakery which offers you delicious products for celiacs and for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to nuts. If you would like to try authentic Catalan bakery with high quality products, you definitely would have to try Jasana Bakery! This bakery offers you a great variety of products, such as ensaïmada, croissant de xocolata, tiramisu, and much more.

gluten free bakery in barcelona
dessert gluten free barcelona
Croissant de xocolata


3.Messié Pizza

This italian restaurant offers you a variety of pizzas, pastas, desserts, salads and juices gluten free. They also offer a long list of differtent options and toppings for each of them.

Italian gluten free in barcelona
pizza gluten free in barcelona


4.Gula Sana Cafe

This bakery is a great option for a brunch, breakfast or just for having a snack. You can enjoy a great options like muffins, cookies, tapas, and much more. They are all prepared with homemade recipes, and they also count with options for people with diabetes or nut allergies.

breakfast or brunch gluten free in barcelona
Breakfast option
cupcakes and muffins gluten free in barcelona


5.Restaurant Gut

This restaurant offers a variety of options since it is traditional cuisine with asian combinations, they offer mediterranean cuisine, international cuisine, vegetarian and gluten free. They have a Daily menu for 13,50€ from Monday to Friday between 1-4pm. Special menus for groups for 28€. 

mediterranean food gluten free in barcelona
healthy food gluten free in barcelona
daily menu gluten free in barcelona


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