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September: Barcelona’s main festivities!

Author: Philippine Koburg

Summer is almost which means that September has arrived! However, no need to be sad that the temperatures are going down because there is still a lot of things to do in the city. Here we put down a list with all the main festivities in the month of September, make sure to attend all of them!

city of barcelona september calendar

6th of September: La festa major de Poble Nou

la festa major de poble nou

Poble Nou is a former industrial neighbourhood and here they celebrate a festival for two weeks. The whole district and its historical organisations participate. They have lots of music, dancing, and art on display around the zone.

11th of September: La Diada Nacional de Catalunya

On this day, Catalonia celebrates its national festival and commemorates the events of the defence of Barcelona during the Spanish War of Succession in 1714. The senyera flag, the Cant dels Segadors and demonstrations are its main features.

20th- 24th of September: Festival La Mercè

festival la merce

Barcelona La Mercè lasts for  5 days and is a festival held in honour of Mare de Deu de la Mercè, the Patron Saint of Barcelona.The festival  welcomes in the cooler months of autumn.The streets will be filled with events, parades and fire works!

20th-23rd of September: Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM) Festival

Barcelona Acció Musical is an alternative music festival.  There will be many diverse artists playing on stage from all over the world. Many different genres will be played: Hard rock concerts,  electronic shows,  pop concerts,  dance shows!

29th of September till 7th of October: La festa major de Barceloneta

la festa major de barceloneta

The beach district Barceloneta also hosts its own festival. Thus, you do not have to be afraid that you won’t be able to attend the beach anymore due to summertime almost being over because a lot of activities will take place on the sand! Past celebrations have included sea shanty performances, a treasure hunt on the beach, live music on the boardwalk, nighttime volleyball tournaments and of course meals of freshly- caught sardines!