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Different Cultures & the Working Environment at Stay U-nique

Author: Stay U-nique

culture and working environment

Culture is a lifestyle, there are many features that fit perfectly with culture, such as languages, religion, cuisine, social habits. All of these factors are culture. There is also a history and tradition involved.

There are many backgrounds here at stay u-nique, the marketing team has a variety of 6 nationalities! (English, Dutch, French, Danish, Honduran & Bulgarian.) The importance of culture is shown on a daily basis, it is the personality of the organization, its what makes the business unique. Behind every culture is a story, and with every story told there are respect and togetherness.

The cultural surroundings are important, in Barcelona, it is majority Catalonian. The Catalonian culture is very different from the rest of Spain, the language, food, fiestas, and traditions all differ.

There is always an appreciation of culture at stay u-nique, and that is simply because our business revolves around it. There are people from all around the world using our services every day, from Italy to China, there is never a lack of culture. Whilst the majority of businesses in Spain operate as a traditional hierarchy, with the manager being on top and employees being below. The structure here at Stay U-nique is different, not only is it a flat hierarchal structure, everyone is treated equally and the environment as a whole is very positive with high spirit. The atmosphere is noticeable, The Stay U-nique family make it as comfortable as possible for anyone from anywhere. It is the ideal working environment. From eating Speculaasbrok (soft dutch cookie) with a Dutch marketer to eating delicious Shwarma at lunch with a Syrian co-worker. it is simply beautiful to collaborate and experience so many cultures together.

Barcelona: Superblocks
Barcelona: Superblocks

As a student from the UK and a first-time visitor to Barcelona. It could have been difficult entering a workplace in a different country with new people. The welcoming received was nothing short of a family gathering, it was refreshing to see so many people from different areas of the world combining to become a working unit. The working environment displayed here at Stay U-nique is an example of how a variety of cultures and traditions can combine to create something uniquely special. My first month here in Barcelona has been incredible, There have been memories to last a lifetime and the journey has only just started. I look forward to every day knowing that it will be a good one, This is the impact of a positive and high spirited work environment.