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Different ways to get around Barcelona

how to get around barcelona

Author: Damyana Gramatikova

Barcelona has one of the best public transport systems in Europe and the city center is really comfortable to explore. 

But what is the best way to move around and which transport should you pick? Keep reading to find out! 

Metro, Tram and Bus 

If you decide to take the metro you will wait no more than 5 mins to catch it. Really local and well-connected. The best thing – one ticket is valid for every kind of public transport! If you enjoy the night life there are busses going everywhere the whole night. When you travel with public transport make sure to you keep an eye on your belongings ! 

Metro, bus and tram as ways to get around Barcelona

Hop On Hop Off Bus

This is the touristic bus and one of the most popular ways to go around. There are a lot of different routes and you can go out of the buss, explore and then catch it again. It is good if you want to see all the sightseeing but keep in mind that you will be surrounded only by other tourists.

Hop On Hop Off Bus as a way to get around Barcelona

Scooter or Vespa

You can rent a scooter – its really famous around Barcelona and a lot of people use it as a mean of transportation. It’s fun and if you are one of those people who hate loosing time in the metro and prefer fresh, well not so fresh air, then this is your way to get around!

Scooter and Vespa as ways to get around Barcelona


Along with the scooter goes also the bicycle. It is eco-friendly, good for your body and again you don’t have to go underground. It is slower than the scooter but its also cheaper!

Bicycle as a way to get around Barcelona


Taxis are quite affordable and are well supervised by the government meaning you can’t get lied to. Keep in mind that UBER is not available in Barcelona and if you see one know that it is illegal!

Taxi as a way to get around Barcelona


It is always nice to explore by walk! This is the best way to get a little bit lost and therefore find new and interesting places.

Walking as a way to get around Barcelona


You should go by car if you plan to visit places outside of the city or of course if you came with it. Otherwise it is not a very smart choice since Barcelona has quite a busy traffic and probably you are going to waste a lot of time.

Car as a way to get around Barcelona

All in all there are a lot of options. Every option has its pros and cons so it depends on your preferences and the way you will feel the most comfortable! It also depends on how much time you have in the city. 

Enjoy Barcelona!



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