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Halloween in Barcelona: all the ins and outs about the activities!

halloween in barcelona

Author: Aurore Augizeau

celebrate halloween barcelona

Halloween is fast approaching, and nothing beats Barcelona to celebrate this event! Indeed, Barcelona offers you a big choice of activities for the 31st night of October with the Catalan’s festival of Castanyada or the traditional USA way to celebrate Halloween. Check out all the activities below!

  • Castanyada Festiva
Castanyada Festival for halloween in Barcelona

In Barcelona, Halloween modern celebration from the USA is combine with the traditional Castanyada festival. Traditionally, in Catalunya, they celebrate it every year for the Saint’s Day or the 31st. It consists of a meal that is eaten with family or friends during which chestnuts, panellets, sweet potatoes and fruit from the autumn season at home or buying in the street.

  • Barcelona Ghost Night Walking Tour

This tour allows you to discover the scariest secrets of Barcelona for 2 hours walking and listening the gruesome past of legendary landmarks like the Arc de Triomf and the Church of Santa Maria. Terrifying stories of witchcraft, exorcisms and paranormal, everything to immerse you in the dark atmosphere of Halloween.

  • Horrorland
horrorland during halloween near barcelona

If you like to scare yourself, nothing better than Horroland, located 1h20 from Barcelona near Berga in an old thermal power plant abandoned in Cercs. Spectacular actors and scenery will complete the set to offer a unique and frightening atmosphere.

  • Halloween Parties
halloween party in barcelona

Barcelone offers plenty of Halloween parties in Clubs. Razzmatazz, Sala Apolo, Catwalk, Pacha and many others, organize parties dressed up in the American Halloween style the 31st of October.

During Halloween in Barcelona, it is impossible to get bored. There are activities for all tastes!



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