Stay U-nique Values and Culture

Values and Culture at Stay U-nique

Author: Pamela Maldonado

At Stay U-nique we practice and work on transmitting our culture and values to everyone involved with us, our employees, guest, owners, and everyone that has contact with our company have an important role for us.

Before getting into our values and culture, lets first define these two words and their importance on a company environment.

What are company values ?

Company values are also known as corporate values. This is important for the belief of any company and on what their behavior will be based on. These are guides for how the company will be managed internally and on its external relations with providers and customers.  

What is company culture?

Culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which the employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements including the its environment, company mission, values, ethics, expectations, and goals. 

“Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy.”

-Howard Stevenson

Stay U-nique values are as important as everyone involved in our company services, and we put a great effort into transmitting them. These values define us as a company, we focus on keeping them in our daily environment and communication to make the best from it for our employees, providers, owners, guests and everyone else involved.

So, these are our company values:


Uniqueness: We focus on always staying unique in every work we make, form a social media post to the welcome service for our guests. We always work on providing our owners with unique service management, and our guests a unique stay so they can enjoy the city of Barcelona to its fullest. We want everyone with whom we interact with to feel unique and cared about. 


Innovation: We always try to boost and keep our innovation, to be continually unique at everything we do. Our employees are continually working on trying on new things on every team, from decoration, marketing, human resources to operations, management and strategies. 

Caring: We care for everyone that makes our company possible. We care that guests are always happy on their stays by following up through the whole process, from the moment they are interested in us, through confirmations, airport transportation, check-ins, check-outs, and we follow through their experience, being always available for them so we can provide help or support if any problem comes out of the blue. 


Passion: As our logo shows our passion for caring is and will always be important for us. Caring for guests, owners and their apartments, the city of Barcelona, employees and colleagues in every single step of the process, caring for others is what our brand stands for. We are passionate for what we do, we stimulate passion with every work that is done at our company office and every service we offer. We love making our owners, guests and employees smile.

Commitment: We are always committed to every process of our service. We commit to our work, we commit to our owners keeping them reach their monthly goals, and make them get the best reviews from their guests experience. 


Teamwork: We believe teamwork does the dreamwork, we support each other as a big family, every different team in the company is always supporting other teams and their teammates. We always try to learn from each other to improve ourselves daily.

Growth: We like to grow as a team, as a company, as a unique family. Growth is our pure value that pushes us to always look forward and become bigger every day. Professional growth, to become a better version of ourselves as a company and as individuals.  


Respect: Our environment on respecting our apartments neighbors to have a balance on touristic apartments. We respect their points of views and their needs. 

Responsability: We push this value to its fullest, everyone in the company has as much responsibility as anyone else, everyone is responsible for achieving their daily tasks on its best performed way. 

Stay U-nique culture

Our culture is helping, trusting, be open, and welcoming to new people in our team. We are focused on helping others with their personal and professional growth. Is a place where you are not only part of a team but of a family. Where everybody is willing to go the extra mile for one another without expecting anything in return. 

How do we work to maintain our culture and values?

  • We train our new employees on their first week so they can understand and know all our values and how our culture works.
  • We establish and practice open communication where expectations, motivations, and problems that might appear are clear towards everybody in the company. Through surveys and continuos communication at weekly meetings.
  • Everybody is working hard but we always have room for something fun.