5 dog friendly places in Barcelona

Author: Stay U-nique

Are you looking forward to visiting Barcelona with your doggo? We present you our top suggestions for dog friendly accommodation, transport, activities and more. Barcelona is one of the most dog-friendly cities in Europe, and nor you or your doggo will feel excluded in this dog ruled city.

1: Apartment

When it comes to dog friendly accommodation, look no further! Our apartment in the neighborhood of Sants is the perfect place to accommodate all of your family members, including the furry ones. This apartment is perfect for a family vacations as it has two large bedrooms and even a private rooftop terrace. Another perk is the close proximity to the famous stadium of Camp Nou which you can reach in only 15 minutes by foot.

 The neighborhood of Sants is also the perfect place for families, where most of the residents are locals and its known as one of the most quiet and safest areas of the capital of Catalunya. Even though it’s not the most touristic area it offers an outstanding amount of public transport options and you can reach the city center in 15 minutes.

2: Beach

Dogs are only allowed on the central beaches of Barcelona only outside of the months of April till December. Even if you are planning to visit during summer months, there are alternatives which both you and your dog can enjoy. The closest dog friendly beach is Cala Vallcarca in Stiges, which is only 30 minutes’ drive from the capital of Catalunya. This beach is surrounded by natural green scenery, so you can enjoy both some sun and some shadow.

3: Restaurants

When it comes to restaurants, Barcelona offers a wide range of choices that also accommodate dogs or can even serve them some snacks as well. We have picked three options for you to choose from  depending on your gastronomic desires.

For beer lovers

 Barna Brew in Sant Antoni, is the perfect place to satisfy your beer cravings. They serve a wide range of craft beers, which have a Belgian flair but always with Catalan roots. Making it a great experience for the beer lovers. You can also find various snacks like cheese plates, duck confit, sandwiches and many more.

For Asian food lovers & vegans

Roots & Rolls is a proposal for plant based food lovers. They offer a  broad blend of Asian foods and unique dishes such as  vegan sushi.  The atmosphere is nothing like you’ve seen before and the extensive menu will leave you drooling. You can find them in the picturesque neighborhood of Eixample.

                                                        For tapas lovers

 Classic tapas, central location and dog-friendly atmosphere you can find in the Centric bar. This bar has been around since 1940 and it will definitely not disappoint in terms of satisfying your carvings for food, drinks and classic old town vibe.

4: Attractions

Many parks in Barcelona are dog friendly, and quite some have areas where your doggo can roam freely and explore the natural scenery. Even some parts of the famous Park Güell are open to dogs on a leash.

 Our next suggestion is something you and your furry friend can’t miss- a water park exclusively for dogs! Perros al Agua is a paradise for pets and is only 30 minutes’ drive from the city center of Barcelona. The park is equipped with an extensive range of facilities for both small and big dogs. Your dog will have the best day of his life exploring the wide range of attractions including surfboards, canoes, slides and even a jumping ramp where the Spanish Championship of Jumps takes place every year.

5: Transportation

 Dogs are allowed on the public transportation of Barcelona, but you have to follow some simple rules to ensure everyone’s comfort. Your dog should be equipped with a muzzle and with a non- extending leash. There are also some time restrictions, on weekdays from 11th of September to 24th of June, dogs are not allowed between 7.00 and 9.30am, and between 5.00 and 7.00pm.

On weekends, public holidays and the rest of the summer months dogs can benefit from the public transport at any time.  Taxis are also dog-friendly, but make sure to let the driver know upfront to avoid any confusion about pricing and availability.