5 reasons why you should visit Girona

Author: Miquel Agell

Of the four Catalan provinces, Girona is the one that sits the most towards the north. Located in the Gironès region, the capital city has amazing architecture, gastronomy, and a wide range of attractions that make it a compulsory stop in any visitor’s checklist.


Staircase in Girona's old town
Girona old town · photo by Fikri Rasyid

The historic part of the city dates all the way back to the 1st century a.C.. The city is home to Gerunda, the romanic old quartier; while also blending with the historic Jewish neighbourhood, and several other historical periods of the city such as the medieval and muslim one.


Jewish district in Girona
Jewish district · image by Mat Reding

Just within the city center you’ll find over a hundred trendy restaurants and cafés, and counting: from trendy Crêperie Bretonne to iconic König (Gironese sandwich chain), to top cozy spots such as Plaça del Vi 7

Game of Thrones

Girona's Cathedral
Girona’s Cathedral · Brandon Gurney

Does this sound familiar? It’s Girona’s Cathedral, also known as the Great Sept of Baelor among Game of Thrones fans. The capital was the filming location for 8 of the 10 sixth season’s episodes and hides a diverse amount of hidden spots only recognisable by true followers. If you’re interested, you can always book a guided walking tour yourself!


Devesa Park
La Devesa park · image by David Monje

The city sits right next to Gavarres mountains and so is as green as it could possibly get. Its network of parks is extensive and widespread, with the biggest one being right in the city centre. La Devesa is Girona’s greatest park, with 34 hectares of trees and total freshness, serving also as a venue for the city’s yearly concert festival and local celebration, Sant Narcís.


Girona AVE Station
Girona AVE Station · photo by Ferran Fusalba Rosselló

The best of this whole trip? Proximity! Get your AVE high speed train tickets from Barcelona-Sants station for as low as 9€ and be in Girona’s city center in no more than 38 minutes.

After reading this whole article you might be asking…where’s the catch? Gladly, we can answer to that question by saying that there is no catch at all: Girona will make up as a whole for an excellent one day excursion as you will get to visit a genuine Catalan city, unspoiled by tourism. Find more articles like this in our #TipTuesday and activities sections.

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