Tip Tuesday: 8 things you can do in quarantine to keep a healthy mind and body.

Author: Stay U-nique

  1. Show your appreciation

Make sure to contribute to having safe streets, staying home could save more lives than you imagine. Appreciating all those who’s working at this hard time and risking their lives to keep us safe, especially the ones in the hospitals.  

2. Gratefulness

Everyday, before you sleep write three things you are grateful for, and once you wake up, make sure the first thought you have is a positive one. And see how your whole day will be affected by it.

3. Connection

Call your friends and family everyday, and having a positive conversation. Talk about all sorts of stuff but when it comes to corona virus make sure to keep the conversation Positive. Such as discussions about the percentage of people who are sick or recovered today, rather than talking about how much you hate the situation and want it to end, for that will only worsen your mood.

4. Netflix

For many Netflix is considered a guilty pleasure, something we like doing but we feel bad about it. But now you can binge watch all the series and movies you want without feeling guilty.

5. Daily let off

Our normal life consists of a routine, for example, we wake up everyday drink coffee and head to work, come back have dinner, watch TV, go out for a drink, sleep and repeat. Well we have been given the gift of time. Work load is not as big as before, and we can start letting go of habits that we don’t like about ourselves while gaining new ones.

6. Improving your cooking skills

Learning how to cook some of your favorite recipes to satisfy your cravings could be so much fun! not to mention the time spent cooking is not wasted you are learning a new skill or improving it. However, make sure to wash your food before handling it, as well as your hands.

7. Fresh Air and workout.

We might not be able to go to the beach, but you can always go outside to feel the fresh air over your body the sunlight on your skin, watch the sunrise or go for a 5-minute walk. It’s good for your nervous system.

While on the other hand fear and anxiety are usually heightened in a crisis situation. So its important to be occupied with our bodies rather than inside of our minds.

You can do many exercises which vary, from mild to intense, stretching in the morning could be one, moving your legs while sitting on a chair, running up and down the stairs, doing yoga or a whole intense daily exercise, because movement is good for the body and it lessen the tension that is building up.

8. Creativeness, understanding and learning

Learning a new skill every day or even week is such a motivating thing. Such as sewing fixing your CV, applying for a job, learning how to knit. Taking an online course or simply reading a book.