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Chinese New Year Celebration: 1st of February 

The Chinese community in Barcelona will celebrate their Chinese New Year in Barcelona on February 1st in Arc de Triomf.

Chinese New Year

Sant Eulàlia Festival: celebrated from the 7th to 12th of February

Who is Santa Eulàlia? Why do they celebrate? Well, this is because she is the patron saint of Barcelona and lived here during the Roman period. At the beginning of the 4th century, the intolerant Roman Emperor Diocletian ordered the persecution of the Christians in his empire. This led to the 13-year-old Eulàlia being arrested, tortured and finally crucified. She is Canonised in 633, you can find her entombed in the crypt of the Cathedral of Barcelona which is named after her. Locals believe that it is the tears of poor old forgotten Saint Eulàlia. Not completely abandoned, festivities occur around her feast day on February 12th, becoming the Barcelona Winter Festival.

So to celebrate the patron saint of Barcelona, they create a lot of activities during this period of time, about a week. Filled with gegants, which are the names for the giants at the parade, castells (the human towers), which are amazing to see sardanas (traditional dance) and correfocs (fire runs), all these and so much more to have during the celebration programme.

Gegants at Sant Eulàlia Festival

Half Marathon of Barcelona: 16th of February

If you are a runner, this is for you! A big marathon is held on this date and this could be a great activity for you to make a different way of sightseeing, this 20km run should keep you in shape and allow you guilt-free gorging of tapas afterward. If planning to take part, you need to pre-register at least 1 week before the marathon begins.

Barcelona Half Marathon

Barcelona Carnival: from the 20th to the 26th of February

Coming from the Latin expression carne vale (farewell to meat), it is a time of indulgence before the start of lent. Carnival officially starts on Dijous Gras (Greasy Thursday) and the idea is to eat and drink as much as you can before the 40 days of fasting begins. The King Carnival ceremony kicks off the week-long celebration. In Barcelona, there is no longer one big parade as each neighbourhood hosts its own small one. Most Barcelonans looking for a more spectacular experience will head 15 km away to the seaside town of Sitges.

Barcelona Carnival

Llum: from the 15th to 17th de February

The Llum festival is filled with art, light, and beauty, this festival will show you amazing artwork in the neighborhood of Poblenou, during night time, for you to enjoy different shows done with lights and to appreciate activities such as video mapping and to discover great artwork in the streets.

Llum festival artwork


During this time of the year, they love to make Calçatadas at Barcelona, if you can find any nearby and public that you can join, it would be a unique experience for your trip.


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